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Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace, an upright shaft heater that produces fluid metals by the response of a stream of air established under stress into the base of the heater with a blend of metallic mineral, fluxfed and coke into the head. Offered Blast Furnace is utilized to create pig press from iron mineral for consequent handling into steel, and these are likewise utilized in processing copper, lead and different metals. Quick combustion is kept up by the air current under elevated tension. Offered furnaces deliver pig press by the diminishing activity of carbon (provided as coke) at an extended temperature within the sight of a fluxing substance, for example, limestone.

Key Features:
  • Smelts metal bearing material with air and coke
  • The heater burden or charge plummets through the pole
  • Incorporate cast house, comprising of troughs
  • Increment heater height implies coupled mechanical roars
Regenerative Heating Furnace
Regenerative Heating Furnace
Our Regenerative Heating Furnaces have two chambers, every containing obstinate material, known as the checker. Meanwhile in single chamber the burning gasses go through the checker and penetrate the heater in the different chamber, the checker is regenerated or heated, with the active hot fumes gas. The heater functions in two courses, where about at regular intervals.
Blast Furnace System
Blast Furnace System
The motivation behind our Blast Furnace System is to synthetically diminish and physically change over iron oxides into fluid iron known as "hot metal". The heater is an enormous, steel stack fixed with headstrong block, where press mineral, limestone and coke are dumped into head, and then, preheated air is drawn into the base.

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