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Oxidized Pellet

Offered Oxidized Pellet, planned by us has propelled thermal control and sound innovation, its specialized hardware achieves inner cutting edge standard. The innovative procedure of our pellet comprise fine granulating of iron mineral focus, drying, disseminating, blending, pellet picking, pellet delivering, material and sieving appropriating, pellet preheating and drying, oxidizing broiling, cooling, heaping up completing pellet and yielding. So as to enhance the crude material quality and extend the crude material alternative, enhance the nature of our Oxidized Pellet picking, we embrace ball factory to crush press mineral gather in processing process. So as to influence the balling to water amount appropriate and increment calcining caliber, chain grind receives propelled "four area four room" thermal control.

Key Features:
  • Receiving constrained air drying, drafted air drying, etc in drying process
  • Great running state, appreciate a decent notoriety inland
  • Give amazing pellets to impact heater iron making
  • Monitor sheets utilize singular cast simple to introduce
Oxidized Pellet Production Line
Oxidized Pellet Production Line
Utilizing Oxidized Pellet Production Line, generation process, propelled specialized process, optional vitality utilizing adequately, hot air reusing utilized, drying, preheating, broiling. Provided oxidized pellet is with extended amount, ease, great financial and ecological productivity, offered as great material to the sponge and heater iron plant.